AZE VirtualPlaceTM影像工作站可接收 / 傳送 / 顯示 / 儲存 各種DICOM數位影像 (如: CT, MRI, 或是其他的影像設備)。且可以用來執行影像瀏覽,影像複製與影像打印。若得到臨床醫師的認可,AZE VirtualPlaceTM 影像工作站亦可以當作影像診斷工具(除了乳房攝影檢查影像之外)。乳房攝影檢查影像必須使用通過FDA認証的螢幕來做影像診斷(至少5MP解析度影像)並需通過FDA規範的技術性測試驗証。

AZE VirtualPlaceTM 影像工作站可以處理不同種類Modalities的影像 (例如:CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, CR, DR, gamma cameras與其他的影像處理工具)。AZE VirtualPlaceTM 影像工作站可執行線上 (online) 後處理 (所有DICOM影像交換透過網路來傳輸),或是執行斷線 (offline) 後處理 (透過光盤或其他電子儲存工具來傳送交換DICOM影像)。AZE VirtualPlaceTM 影像工作站是一個非常強大的影像後處理工作站,具備有各種功能。包括有: 影像放大、縮小、執行Window/Level (WW/WL) 、3D影像呈現、與其他各種的影像分析軟件。

除此之外,我們還可以透過AZE VirtualPlaceTM 影像工作站,將具有診斷價值的影像透過各種方式將影像傳送出去 (如: DICOM打印機、PACS伺服器、USB隨身硬碟、CD/DVD-ROM光盤或是一般打印機)。傳送方式如上圖所示:

Optional Software 

No.  Icon Model
1 Subtraction Software Cerebral blood vessel–imaging of brain to analyze uptake of pre- and post-contrast injection, to determine functional vessel information.
 2    Brain Perfusion Software Blood flow imaging to analyze uptake of contrast, to determine functional blood volume, flow, and mean passage-time information.
 3    Dental Analysis Software  Preoperative planning of implantation of dental prostheses and Postoperative check of root portion of the tooth.
 4    Cardiac Analysis
Package Software

1. Cardiac Analysis

2. Coronary Analysis

3. 4D Analysis

4. Calcium Scoring

 Detailed views of the patient’s heart cycle and cine viewing of the heart’s dynamic behavior by 3D Volume rendering, 4D cine view.

1. Cardiac output Measurement (Ejection Fraction)
/Viewing for Myocardial performance by displaying ‘Bull’s Eye’

2. Coronary artery analysis by synchronizing technique with electrocardiogram
Extract the coronary tree from the heart and analyze the arterial lumen.

3. 4D moving image for myocardial performance.

4. Estimate the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries.

 5    Liver Analysis Software The software is powerful and effective in liver transplantation. It can easily execute volume measurement, extraction of liver, extraction of IVC, extraction of portal vein and hepatic veins.
 6    Colon Analysis Software Useful as a screening test.
Check the colon by using the virtual endoscopic fly-trough mode and aid in assessing and measuring colon pathology including occurrences of polyps.
 7    Volume Measurement Software Fat assessment intended for abdominal area.
Estimate the fat accumulation of the internal organ- abdominal and subcutaneous fat.
 8    Reformat Software
(Virtual Ultrasound)
For virtual simulation viewing support for ultrasound.
Offers a set of tool for the probe in virtual image and the information for echo-imaging output, rate and depth for echo.
   Ablation Software Extract the right atrium of heart automatically, and analyze and measure the area and radius of pulmonary vessels.
 10    Lung Nodule Assessment Software Measures the area of pulmonary nodules and assist the diagnosis lesions with subsequent follow-up.
Offers the color coding for volume and histogram analysis according to CT values.
 11    Lung Emphysema Softwa Analyze and measures for the lumen of bronchial tube, the radius of the bronchial wall and provides volumetric lung emphysema measurements with a visual representation of emphysema diffusion, in particular, COPD.
12 Angiography Image
Analysis Software
Examine Brain aneurysm,, Arterio-stenosis, Obstructed artery, Sabarachnoid, ICH, CI, and assist the diagnosis the abdominal images by DSA.
13 Angiography Image
Analysis Software
Assist the analysis for the imaging by cardiac catheter test.
Offers the tool of size-calibration at the measurement for interval, stenosis, and ejection fraction.
Extracts the outline of arteries automatically, provides QCA measurement
Optional Software〔MR〕
 14    Brain Perfusion Software  Blood flow imaging of the brain to analyze uptake of contrast, to determine functional blood flow information with high spatial resolution.
 15    Cardiac Analysis
Package Software
1. Cardiac Analysis
2. Coronary Analysis
 A comprehensive view for fast assessment of MR data, to assist diagnosis for full ventricular volume image and cardiac output in visualization by tracing the outline of left ventricle, providing information about stenosis located in a coronary artery.
16 Delayed Enhancement 
Detailed views of the patient’s heart cycle, provide lesions information in ‘Bulls’Eyes ‘ visualization mode.
17 Myocardium Perfusion 
Provides quantitative analysis and assessment for blood flow of myocardium, assist the diagnosis of ischemia.
18 Flow Analysis Software
Provides Blood flow and rate information within the region of interest in graphical mode.
Optional Software〔Multi-modality〕
19 Fusion Software
(Including VR+VR Function)
Register sets of images acquired at different times / acquired parameters / modalities, CT, PET, MR.
20 PET-Viewer Software  Fusion-Viewing for sets of cross-section images and the original CT and Pet images, provides the tools of shifting-position, paging, and the SUV-measurement.